The Team

Meet our organizational wizards


Steinarr Logi Nesheim

Executive Producer // Producer

Kidda Rokk

Executive Producer // Producer

Karl Ágúst 

Film and TV director

Hans Alan 

Concept artist


Pipaluk K. Jørgensen

Director // Writer // Producer 

Emile Hertling Péronard


UK // US

Tina Gharavi

Development Producer // Director // Showrunner

Who are we?

At the core of our dynamic team, which adapts its size according to project demands, lies the collaborative brilliance of Kidda Rokk and Steinarr Nesheim. With over two decades of experience in the Icelandic industry, their journey spans from pioneering a post-production venture to orchestrating monumental achievements in commercial filmmaking.

Their portfolio boasts iconic projects such as “The Spillway Challenge” for Range Rover, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Kárahnjúkar Dam, and the groundbreaking “Thin Ice,” recognized as the largest TV drama ever produced by an Icelandic company.

Prior to their collaboration at Polarama, both Kidda and Steinarr amassed extensive expertise as freelancers and through engagements with leading film companies in Iceland, where they worked on notable projects such as Interstellar, Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Batman, Noah, Game Of Thrones, Fortitude, Tunnel, Trapped, and many others.

Spearheading our development team is Tina Gharavi, a BAFTA-nominated filmmaker renowned for her impactful work, including “I Am Nasrine.” Beyond her accolades, Tina’s filmography delves into an array of compelling subjects, ranging from the legendary Muhammad Ali to poignant explorations of teenage sexuality, Yemeni-British sailors, The Lackawanna 6, death row exonerees, refugees, and even lighthouses. Excitingly, her upcoming project, “African Queens: Cleopatra,” is slated for release on Netflix, promising another captivating addition to her diverse repertoire.

Polarama recently welcomed Karl Ágúst, a seasoned director and filmmaker, to our team. With a rich background that spans from his education at the Danish School of Media and Journalism to his work directing reality shows like Xfactor in Denmark, Karl brings a wealth of experience to the table.

He’s worn many hats in the industry, from producing to writing, directing, shooting, editing, and even sound designing and composing music for TV shows, documentaries, and commercials. His versatility makes him a valuable asset, embodying the essence of a true filmmaking Swiss army knife.

Behind the scenes stands the esteemed concept artist, Hans Alan, recognized as a true master in his field. With a distinguished tenure as a spacecraft designer and world builder for CCP Games, Hans brings forth over 25 years of profound expertise in the realm of creative expression. His repertoire also encompasses a diverse array of skills, including set design and construction, storyboard creation, scenic painting, and photography, among others, rendering him a versatile asset in realizing creative visions.

Behind Polarama Greenland are some of the nation’s most experienced producers, documentary filmmaker Emile Hertling Péronard, who produced Greenland’s first Berlinale-entry “SUMÉ – The Sound of a Revolution,” co-produced CPH:DOX winner “The Raven and the Seagull,” and the Oscar-shortlisted feature doc “Aquarela,” and producer/director Pipaluk K. Jørgensen, known for her 2018 drama “ANORI,” the first Greenlandic feature film by a female director. Other recent service projects include Against the Ice, Borgen 4, and the Oscar-nominated short film IVALU.

Within the realm of Polarama, we cultivate a diverse landscape of creativity, nurturing our own collection of television series and feature films. Leading this exploration of imagination is Tina Gharavi, celebrated for her artistic contributions. Her BAFTA-nominated film, ‘I Am Nasrine,’ resonates deeply with human emotion, while her cinematic ventures explore a range of human experiences, from the resilience of Muhammad Ali to the intrigue of African queens. Additionally, as an assistant professor at Newcastle University, Tina extends her influence beyond filmmaking, shaping the minds of future storytellers. Her upcoming project, ‘African Queens: Cleopatra,’ will soon be available on Netflix, a testament to her enduring passion and commitment to storytelling.



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