The Team

Meet our organizational wizards


Steinarr Logi Nesheim

Executive Producer // Producer

Kidda Rokk

Executive Producer // Producer


Pipaluk K. Jørgensen

Director // Writer // Producer 

Emile Hertling Péronard


Kuluk Helms


About Our Team

Our team grows large or small depending on the project at hand. We work with some of the most experienced crews in Europe to deliver the jobs that need to get done.

At the heart of our company we have Kidda Rokk, Steinarr and Gudjon who have been working together on various projects since 2001.

Kidda Rokk and Steinarr are producers with a long history in the Icelandic industry. From leading a post production company, to producing Thin Ice the largest TV drama made by an Icelandic production company.

Guðjón is one of Iceland’s most established directors in advertising and recently added the TV drama “Thin Ice” to his reel as a director and a VFX Supervisor. 

Behind Polarama Greenland are some of the nation’s most experienced producers, documentary filmmaker Emile Hertling Péronard who produced Greenland’s first Berlinale-entry “SUMÉ – The Sound of a Revolution”, co-produced CPH:DOX winner “The Raven and the Seagull”, and the Oscar-shortlisted feature doc “Aquarela”, and producer/director Pipaluk K. Jørgensen, known for her 2018 drama “ANORI”, the first Greenlandic feature film by a female director. 

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